Sas Distilleries

Tradition, Craft & Quality


The various interests and passions of prof. dr. Sas have abled him to create for you a range of exclusive, high-quality spirits with distinctive flavour.

After dr. Sas finished his PhD in organic chemistry, he started to work for a nutriceutical company, where he specialised in the chemistry and appreciation of flavours. Later on in his career, he launched a pharmaceutical company. During this period, he developed a special interest in the healing capacity of herbs and spices.

He transcribed old manuscripts describing the sanative effects  attributed to certain plants, and how they were applied for healing purposes. During this study, he identified some very interesting herbs that were used for the production of potions, elixirs and tinctures , but also learnt about the positive effects assigned to certain common fruits.

In his spare time, dr. Sas enjoyed reconstructing old recipes for e.g. brewing beer. He deepened the topic, and acquired the knowledge of the biochemistry behind yeasts and enzymes.

Over time, the idea grew to combine all this knowledge and to start a distillery. He studied the traditional distilling techniques and equipment as input for the design of his own pot still, column & plates, dephlegmator and condensor.