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CACAO DE COCOA, chocolate cream liqueur

 Cocoa was very important in the ancient culture of the Artecs and Mayas where it was considered a divine drink (named xocoatl from which the word chocolate is derived). It was brought to Europe by Cortés. In Europe it was initially used for medicinal purposes including mental health. Nowadays it is considered a luxurious candy, a delight.

 Belgium is known around the world for its excellent chocolates. Sas Distilleries worked together with Cacaolab to identify the best origin cocoa for the production the chocolate liqueur. Besides chocolate also fine grain based alcohol is used and cream from local dairy farms. In some languages the chocolate base material is called cacao and in other countries it is called cocoa. Sas Distilleries combined both in the name for its addictive liquid praline.

Cacao De Cocoa® chocolate cream liqueur: e500ml, 25% vol. contains milk (lactose)