Sas Distilleries

Tradition, Craft & Quality


Sas Distilleries BVBA was established in 2014 and is a family owned and managed distillery. The Master Distiller and founder is prof. dr. Benedikt Sas. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry, has profound knowledge of flavour and nutritional chemistry and is an expert in corporate and innovation management.

Cofounder Katia De Henau holds a university degree in chemistry and is specialised in QSHE management. She has expertise in regulations, quality assurance and quality control protocols applied in the malting, brewing and distilling industry.

It is the Sas family crest that decorates the Sas Distillery logo. The three black bars on a golden shield, crossed by a silver bar decorated with green shamrocks, refer to the coat of arms of the Saxons. The bore on the helmet symbolises strength and courage.

This is also expressed in the family motto "VIRES ET PERSEVERENTIA", strength and perseverance.

The family can trace back their ancestors till 1393 A.D. to the Dukedom of Brabant (now part of Belgium):  The Duchess of Brabant expressed here gratitude for the establishment of the Saint-John’s Beneficium by Johannes Sas at the beguinage of the city of Herentals. He was therefor exempted of paying taxes. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case for the family….